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Sunday, 6th May 2007 - a handful wild dog puppy ...

We have a little guest: 5th May - 29th May, our "bottle-baby" - raccoon dog puppy "Mitja". Mitja will be the future mascot of the Wisent Zoo in Springe/Germany.

9th May 2007 - a little nap in the sun (after a bottle of milk - Mitja needs his milk
every two hours)

9th May 2007, raccoon dog Mitja & Maine Coon Momo

Mother's Day, 13th May 2007

18th May 2007 - first visit in the zoo ... cool little puppy between my feets :-) ...

Kohinoor and Mitja, 23th May 2007 - real love is: to share one dish together ...

Mitja and Svenja, 25th May 2007


Exercises :-) ...

Please ... can you tell me what she means when she says: "walk at the right side" ...

... have I walk at your right side, or to hers?

I can tell you one thing:  she doesn't mean: "wrap the lead around the Irish Setter's right leg"!

29th May ... time to say goodbye - Mitja moves to Nicola,
we miss the crazy little puppy so much ...

8th - 9th June 2007, Nicola is on tour - so we are dog-sitters of Mitja :-) ...

Mitja now lives at:
click -> the Wisentgehege (bison bonasus-zoo) <-
in Springe (Niedersachsen/Germany)


To ruffle the paunch ...

... is ...

"to die for" :-)!