Everyone should be conscious of the fact that cats are not omnivores like pigs. Cats are carnivorous animals, which only nibble at grass and their only vegetable intake is the stomach contents of their prey. Cats need 80 - 90 % of animal protein! Regular dry food contains mostly only 30 % meat, premiumfood can contain as much as 40 - 50 % meat.

Therefore many owners also feed canned food  in addition (please note that this canned food should contain only meat - no cereals). An ideal replacement for canned food is raw meat - beef, poultry or rabbits.

- > fish and  pork must  never be fed raw.
- > all bones - particularly poultry bones - must only be served raw

Besides raw meat - (frozen) chickens, chicks, quails and other poultry - our cats sometimes get Miamor Fine Filets and stewed fish.
We don't feed dry food anymore.

For grinding chickens, quails and so on, we use a sturdy meat grinder: Jupiter Universal Grinder 885.500 (German product).

With a plate: hole size 0.551 inches and a two bladed knife this one

grinds chickens, quails, chicks and rabbits complete with bones,
innards and skin.

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