... our wonderful furry friends for
each moment of your life with us.

Their affection, their confidence and their facet-rich personalities
determine, accompany and enrich our life so much.

We hope to be able to treat them right in every situation of their life
and that their will remain many wonderful years with them.

We've lost Rico to kidney failure and Gio to liver cancer - their
wonderful souls are staying with us.


 to all dear people who give "our" kitten a marvelous, type-fair and very
affectionate home.

 Petra Hartmann
( Helkenberg Maine Coon Cats )
for enchanting Godiva and for many tips and basics to this homepage.

Martina Klahn
(von Blue Moon Valley)
for Rico - our first Maine Coon boy. Every day with him was like a gift and
we miss him so much.

Lillian Kristensen
( DK*Sarafina's Maine Coon Cats )
for your friendship, your pieces of advice and for two wonderful cats :
 Bijou  and  Black  Sparrow.

Andrea Löffler
for my very special darling Giovanni.

Pamela Eglintine
(UK*Carramazza Maine Coon)
for our lovable and unique boy Sunshyne called "Geordie". Thank
you so much for your confidence in us.

Charlene Delano
(US*Four Paws Maine Coon)
for special sweetheart Emylee - with her all my dreams came true.

Suzy Slade
(UK*Brilthor Maine Coon)
for two little treasures: Cascaya and Kohinoor.

Elke Hoelter
(Phetchoburi Maine Coon)
for sweetheart Uncle Sam aka Sammy.