Hammock for cats

Out of one 31.50 x 23.60 inches MULTIPLEX board you get
two hammocks.

Width: 23.60 inches, height: 6.70 inches, lenght: 15.75 inches.

Hammocks in our sleeping-room.

Your cat is a cable biter? How to protect cables against your cats:

... you  need a few meter aquarium air tube ...

... cut it lenghtwise ...

... embed the cable into ...

... the slashed air tube ...

... take a nap :-)!

Advent / Christmas decoration

To keep our cats away from Advent / Christmas decoration, we sprinkle  our
Advent wreath / Christmas tree with orange oil / lemon oil
(essential oils from the drugstore).

 In addition we lard oranges with cloves and place them among the
Christmas tree / in the middle of the Advent wreath.
Looks very nice and smells sweet (except
for cats).

Grass islands for the balcony or living rooms

  buy large glazed plates for flower-pots - diameter 14-16 inches.

Fill them with garden-mould, strew grass-seeds over this and hold the mould

After 2-3 weeks you cut the grass ...

and a happy cat can enjoy this nice place ...

Grass-pot for living rooms